Disadvantaged Community (DAC) Outreach Project

Disadvantaged Community (DAC) Outreach Project

The Coachella Valley Regional Water Management Group (CVRWMG) has completed, a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) Outreach Demonstration Program for the Coachella Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Region. This program was developed concurrently with the 2014 IRWM Plan and incorporated as Volume II of the Plan.

The CVRWMG continues outreach efforts aimed to encourage DAC participation in the Coachella Valley IRWM Program.

Project Scope

The DAC Program methods included expanded outreach efforts, the development and use of mapping data to characterize smaller DAC areas and flood control needs within DAC areas, a needs assessment for DACs in the Region, identification of existing or proposed projects intended to benefit DACs, development of engineering and project management plans for priority DAC projects, and work items to ensure that information and outcomes from the DAC Program are included within the Coachella Valley IRWM Plan Update. The information and outcomes of the DAC Outreach Program have been incorporated into the IRWM Plan as Volume II. The Coachella Valley DAC Outreach Program, along with four others, are used as examples to inform DWR’s statewide DAC program.

Project Documents

DAC Outreach Program Report
Contact Update Form
DAC library

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