Getting Involved

Getting Involved

To become involved in the Coachella Valley IRWM Process, please contact us.

The CVRWMG initiated a stakeholder outreach process to help support development and adoption of an IRWM Plan. The CVRWMG has continued to manage this stakeholder outreach process via Planning Partners meetings and other outreach efforts to help support implementation of the adopted IRWM Plan. This process allows for stakeholder participation in the IRWM Program and provides a platform for the CVRWMG to obtain stakeholder input on the direction of the program.

The Coachella Valley IRWM Plan was originally developed in 2010 and was revised in 2014. The IRWM Plan provides a mechanism for:

  1. Coordinating, refining, and integrating existing water resources planning efforts within a comprehensive, regional context;
  2. Identifying specific regional priorities for implementation projects; and
  3. Generating funding support for the plans, programs, projects, and priorities of existing agencies and stakeholders.
  4. IRWM Plan provides regional understanding, add information on Volume II (DAC) as valuable resources.

DWR awarded the Coachella Valley Region a Proposition 1 Planning Grant in February 2017 to update the IRWM Plan. The CVRWMG is currently updating the 2014 IRWM Plan to include the following:

  • Plan Standards: Updates to ensure compliance with the 2016 IRWM Plan Standards
  • SWRP: Preparing components of a stormwater resource plan (SWRP) that will result in an IRWM Plan that also serves as a functionally equivalent SWRP per Senate Bill 985
  • Governance: Incorporation of Valley Sanitary District into the CVRWMG